Glittering Days Episode 27

Hua Long got Law Wai’s notice and goes to Temple Street to look for Ling Fung. Hua Long finds Ling Fung selling sugarcane and forces him to sing. Ling Fung refuses and Hua Long threatened to shoot him. Luckily, Ding Ling appeared and stopped Hua Long. As Hua Long’s boss, Robinson has been saved by Ding Ling before, he does not dare to offend Ding Ling and left.

Gam Yin arrived later as she heard Hua Longwanting to harm Ling Fung. Ling fung sees her and thinks that she was the one who sends Hua Long to harm him and scolds her. He walks away with Wen Rou chasing him.

Ling Fung then revealed that he was actually Ling Fung and not Xiao Hei and he was not an Indian.

Ling Fung then wanted to move out of Ding Ling’s house as he feels ashamed and he wants to avoid everyone.

But unexpectedly, the people who are with Ding Ling are ex-convicts. Ding Ling says that it is not important about the past and it is more important to care for the future. Ling Fung stays on to sell sugarcane. Yuk Lan got news that Ling Fung was at Temple Street, so she goes to find him. Law Wai knew about it and follows Yuk Lan. When Law Wai sees Ling Fung, he puts up an act and says he wants Ling Fung to forgive him. Ling Fung pushes him away. By doing this, Law Wai leaves a good impression on Yuk Lan.

Yuk Lan feels depressed at home as Ling Fung does not want to see her anymore. Gam Yin gives Siu Kiu a jade piece for good luck. Then, Siu Kiu sees Yuk Lan depressed and gives Yuk Lan the jade piece.

On the other hand, Siu Kiu lends Dai Kat money to make a movie for Yuk Lan. She also goes to the television centre to see James performing. But she suddenly felt unwell and had to go home halfway. Dai Kat later realized that he had been cheated of his money and asks Yuk Lan to save him.

Later on, Dai Kat found the jade piece in Yuk Lan’s room and starts admiring it. Gam Yin sees him and thought that he stole it from Siu Kiu as she does not know Siu Kiu gave it to Yuk Lan. In their quarrel about money, Gam Yin revealed that Siu Kiu was suffering from terminal stage cancer and cannot live long. Dai Kat tells it to everyone and everyone prepares a feast and is prepared to take a day leave to go out and play. Siu Kiu asks if everyone already knew about her illness. Everyone then broke down and Siu Kiu walks out of the dining room. James then comforts her and asks her to support him to realize his dream as a singer.

The next day, Siu Kiu records the last song for her album. As she is weak, she used a lot of effort for the recording. James then played the guitar and Siu Kiu sings along. Siu Kiu begins feeling unwell but continues singing. Gam Yin and Yuk Fung then came forward to support her. . .


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